Madison Beer Strips to Lingerie on a Sidewalk & Defends Her Body

Madison Beer flaunted her fab figure in some sensual underwear. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Beer defended herself from a body critic on Instagram after they trashed her figure.

Madison has been having the time of her life in NYC. She got close to ex-Kardashian Scott Disick, attended New York Fashion Week and had an awkward run-in with suitor Brooklyn Beckham. Now, she has made headlines for stripping on the streets.

A while back, Madison once broke down in tears over Instagram haters, and denied Photoshopping her body in photos.

Madison Beer in bra.
Madison Beer looking lush in a black bra and some light denim. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Shows Off Her Body on the Streets of New York

For a photo shoot, Madison Beer took off her clothing to reveal some sexy lingerie on the New York City streets.

Madison Beer in underwear.
Madison Beer puts on a stern expression while showing off her body. (Photo: Instagram)

Of course, the paparazzi were happily snapping away, and she made headlines for her sexy street display.

Madison Beer stripping.
Madison took off her clothes on location in NYC. (Photo: Instagram)

The Daily Mail ran with the headline, “Madison Beer shows Brooklyn Beckham what he’s missing!”

Madison Beer in lingerie.
Thigh’s the limit! Madison steps out in some colorful undies. (Photo: Instagram)

We’re not sure if Brooklyn would technically be missing anything since they never really were a (real) thing.

Madison Beer Shuts Down a Body Critic on Instagram

On a photo of her street strip, a hater was seen arguing with a fan about Madison’s body. The hater wrote, “Her body shape is ugly. I don’t care.”

After the fan accused the hater of “body-shaming”, they fought back. “My body is real, can your fave relate?”

Madison hater.
A Madison hater was arguing with another fan.

Madison responded, “You are so boring!”

Hater comments.
Madison fired back at the hater.

Madison was wondering why the hater was perched in her fan accounts. “You’re just a hater on the ‘gram. Do not talk about how I am a flop when you seem a bit obsessed.”

Madison has something to say to the detractor.

“If you don’t like me, that’s cool, sweets!” Madison said.

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