Nash Grier Strips to Underwear for Aeropostale

Brothers Nash and Hayes Grier shirtless. (Photo: Aeropostale)

Nash Grier joined brother Hayes Grier and best friend Carter Reynolds to film ads for Aeropostale.

Nash, clad in gray Aeropostale underwear, pulls up a tight black wetsuit as he gets ready to fly on a lake.

Nash Grier in underwear, shirtless.
Shirtless Nash Grier advertises Aeropostale underwear.

“About to go flyboarding,” Nash announces as he gets tangled in the wetsuit sleeves.

Nash Grier strips shirtless.
Nash Grier shirtless in a wetsuit.

He points a GoPro camera at the cameraman and pulls on a yellow protective helmet.

Hayes Grier and Nash Grier shirtless.
Nash Grier and Hayes Grier shirtless. (Photo: Aeropostale)
Nash Grier straps himself in.
Nash Grier pulls on helmet straps. (Photo: Aeropostale)
Nash Grier in a helmet.
Helmet-clad Nash Grier and his gang signs. (Photo: Aeropostale)

He leaps into the lake.

Nash Grier's ass.
Nash Grier launches his a** into the water. (Photo: Aeropostale)

On a red Zapata flyboard, he propels two feet into the air before plummeting back into the water. The next time, he gets up a couple of meters, but fails again.

Nash Grier flyboards.
Nash Grier succeeds at flyboarding. (Photo: Aeropostale)

He is laughing. After he gets the hang of it, he starts twisting and turning.

Nash Grier is wet.
Wet Nash Grier after flyboarding. (Photo: Aeropostale)

He climbs out of the lake. “By far the coolest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” he says as he detaches the GoPro.

Nash Grier is in a wetsuit.
Wetsuit-clad Nash is feeling great. (Photo: Aeropostale)
Nash Grier with brother Hayes.
Brothers Nash and Hayes Grier smile at the dock. (Photo: Aeropostale)

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