Matthew Espinosa CALLS OUT the New Magcon!

Matt Espinosa still thinks the Old Magcon is better. (Photo: Instagram)

It looks like the “new” Magcon is pretty polarizing. Matt Espinosa doesn’t seem to like it very much, either.

You can find tickets for the “new” Magcon Tour on their official website.

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The New Magcon Cast Is Mostly Revealed

Many of the New Magcon members were already revealed on the official Magcon Tour social media accounts.

Dylan Dauzat and Daniel Skye.
Dylan and Daniel are some of the new “special guests”. (Photo: Instagram)

It appears that Cameron Dallas, Taylor Caniff and Aaron Carpenter are the main headliners. Although the Dolan Twins were previously heavily rumored to star on the tour, their names weren’t mentioned at all.

Daniel Skye, Dylan Dauzat, Jacob Sartorius, Chris Miles and Willie Jones were revealed as some of the “special guests”.

New Magcon members.
All the currently confirmed guests for the New Magcon. (Photo: Instagram)

Will more “special guests” be revealed soon?

Matthew Espinosa Wants the Magcon Instagram Account to Stop Using His Name for Promo

The official Magcon Tour Instagram account (@magcontour) often posts throwback photos from the “old” Magcon.

It is unclear who is currently managing the account. Cameron Dallas owns the Magcon social media accounts, but might not actually be managing them.

A while ago, they posted the following photo.

OG Magcon.
The official Magcon Instagram account often posts photos like this. (Photo: Instagram)

Matt Espinosa was NOT happy. He told the official Magcon Tour account to stop posting photos from O.G. Magcon. “Blur me out!” he commanded. “Stop giving these girls and guys false hope,” he wrote.

Matt Espinosa's Instagram comment.
Matt Espinosa posted this comment. (Photo: Instagram)

If you recall, this is not the first time Matt has expressed this view.

He previously blasted Cameron for trying to pressure the original Magcon members to join the new tour. He even called Cameron “selfish” in a video.

Matt Says That Nothing Compares to Old Magcon

On Twitter, Matt told fans that the original Magcon crew was the best. “No one will compare!”


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