‘Sugar Daddy’ Scott Disick Goes Diamond Shopping with Madison Beer & Suede Brooks

Scott Disick treated Madison & Suede to a day of fun. (Photo: Instagram)

34-year-old womanizer Scott Disick treated Madison Beer, 18, and Suede Brooks, 16, to a fun-filled day that featured diamond shopping and ice cream.

Ever since his split with Kourtney Kardashian, Scott has been seen out-and-about with a string of young girls.

Over the last week in NYC, teens Madison Beer and Suede Brooks have been the latest girls seen partying and dining with Scott.

Fans have been worried sick about Madison’s latest escapades, and are begging her to stop her antics with “sex addict” Scott.

Suede Brooks, Scott Disick & Madison Beer.
Suede Brooks & Madison Beer laugh & giggle their way into the jewelry store. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Beer & Suede Brooks Excitedly Pick Out Jewelry With Scott Disick

Scott Disick treated the two teen girls to a trip to a jewelry store, and let them pick out what they wanted.

Scott Disick.
Scott Disick talks to an employee in the store. (Photo: Instagram)

Both Madison and Suede were thrilled to get the opportunity and perused the shiny wares. She tried on expensive watches and stunning rings.

Madison Beer shops.
Something in the store catches Madison’s eye and she wants it. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison was completely enthralled as the jewelers showed her a selection of shimmering bling.

Madison buys watches.
Madison takes a look at various bling & finds it hard to decide what to get. (Photo: Instagram)

At one point, Madison appeared to have found something she wanted! She put on the beautiful pink rock on her finger.

Madison Beer's ring.
Madison Beer poses with an expensive pink rock. (Photo: Snapchat)

That’s definitely a useful hint for anyone planning a proposal in the future.

Madison and Suede.
Madison & Suede look thrilled to be given this opportunity. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison Beer Also Gets Treated With Some Ice Cream

Madison also got an extra treat from Scott and was given a classic Vanilla ice cream cone.

Madison Beer's ice cream.
Madison Beer beams while she licks up an ice cream. (Photo: Instagram)

Madison looked very happy with her ice cream and consumed it in a hurry.

Looks like diamonds and ice cream are a girl’s dream!

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