Protesters Picket Taylor Caniff’s Meet & Greet: “He’s Homophobic! Boycott Magcon!”

Taylor Caniff proved to be controversial in Pittsburgh. (Photo: Twitter / Instagram)

Some protesters lined up to denounce Taylor Caniff’s RV Project meet-and-greet at Pittsburgh’s Altar Bar.

Taylor, who is currently facing multiple felony charges following a home raid, typically charges fans $20 for an autographed poster at these events. There are currently six more dates scheduled for September.

Taylor fans recorded the protesters.
Taylor fans took photos & video. (Photo: Twitter)

@RLBRLN & Friends Protest Taylor Caniff’s Meet & Greet With Various Signs

“We are representing the people,” @RLBRLN posted on Twitter.


“Stop making horrible people famous,” one sign said. “Stop supporting someone who is openly homophobic,” said another.

Protest signs.
Not a Fan: Taylor Caniff was called out. (Photo: Twitter)

“Taylor spends his fans’ money on speeding tickets and traffic citations. Your $20 is going toward Taylor’s drug habits. Sit on a stool because nobody can stand this stupid #RVPROJECT! Taylor Caniff endorses SeaWorld.”

“Boycott Magcon! Taylor Caniff steals $$$ from fans!” they claimed.

Taylor fans at the event weren’t happy. “Y’all salty for no reason! Y’all salty for no d*** reason! Don’t know s***,” one fan said.

Protesters Claim Taylor Caniff Flipped Them off When He Saw the Signs

The protesters went into more detail on Twitter.


“Someone called the cops – six police officers showed up, then let us continue protesting,” @RLBRLN tweeted.


They said that Taylor Caniff saw their signs, and allegedly flipped them off.


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