Shane Dawson Finally REVEALS His Secret Boyfriend Ryland Adams!

Who is Shane Dawson's new boyfriend? (Photo: Instagram)

Bisexual Shane Dawson has finally confirmed the identity of his new boyfriend – it’s Clevver host Ryland Adams!

Fans have been shipping the couple together for ages, and it looks like all the romance rumors are true!

Shane used to date Lisa Schwartz, and told fans they had a “fantastic” sex life.

Shane and Ryland.

Let’s Go For a Ride: Shane lifts up Ryland as they laugh around. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane Dawson Confirms He’s Dating Clevver’s Ryland Adams

Shane went on Instagram and posted a very sweet message about Ryland. He also posted the following selfie with his new boyfriend.

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams.

Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams look adorable in this snap. (Photo: Twitter)

He told fans that he has been very quiet abut his personal and private life for quite a while, but said that he decided to come clean after hiding a very big part of his life from fans. “I just do not want to do that anymore!”

Ryland and Shane.

Pumpkins! Shane and Ryland play around with wigs. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane then decided to officially confirm that he’s dating a new man – Ryland Adams. “He is my boyfriend!” he wrote proudly. Shane praised the host for being very caring, kind and sweet. “He just makes me so, so happy.”

Shane knew that fans were going to flood his comments asking for a “Shane and Ryland Boyfriend Tag” or ton of challenges, so he told them that none were coming. “I just do not want to exploit this or do any of that dumb a** s***.”

Ryland and Shane.

Ryland Adams and Shane Dawson get wet and crazy for Clevver. (Photo: YouTube)

“He makes me happy,” Shane wrote. “I am so happy that we met and he is such a huge part of my life.”

Lisa and Shane.

Happy Exes: Lisa and Shane are still great friends after their breakup. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane thanked his fans for being understanding and supportive. “It means the world!”

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