Tyler Oakley Talks about His ‘Problematic’ Past & How He’s Grown

Tyler Oakley shared his thoughts. (Photo: Twitter)

Despite being a YouTube ambassador and raising millions for charity, Tyler Oakley’s name is still very polarizing.

Tyler has always found it hard to shake some of the comments he made when he was younger.

For example, people often bring up his Why Diversity Sucks video, his past opinions on conical hats, reverse racism – as well as various racist and transphobic tweets that have been immortalized by dedicated blogs on Tumblr.

Tyler recently spoke to Time about his past, and why he thinks people need to acknowledge growth.

Tyler Oakley Talks About the New Call-Out Culture

Tyler was asked what he thought about people screenshotting his controversial old comments and using them as “evidence” on “social justice blogs”.

“It can be stressful and scary,” Tyler admitted. “It can be intimidating.”

Tyler Oakley and Ryan Seacrest.

Tyler Oakley and Ryan Seacrest. (Photo: Instagram)

He said he was worried about putting things out there, just in case he said anything wrong. “That could be the end!”

Tyler said that mistakes are opportunities to grow and educate. “To expect anyone to know the nuances of how you can be problematic, from the start, is far-fetched.”

Tyler Oakley with Luke Korns and Mikey Murphy.

Tyler Oakley with Luke Korns and Mikey Murphy. (Photo: Instagram)

Tyler is well-known for participating in what he describes as a “call-out culture” – with him calling out everyone from Liam Payne to individual Magcon members.

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Most of the people he has called out haven’t been too appreciative, with everyone from Taylor Caniff to Nicole Arbour firing back with insults.

Tyler Oakley takes a classic mirror selfie.

Tyler Oakley takes a classic mirror selfie. (Photo: Instagram)

However, he said that there’s no point in calling people out if you don’t accept growth and change. “It goes both ways. I want to be held accountable. I want to grow.”

“That is what is going to make me better.”

Tyler Oakley Discusses His Future on YouTube

Tyler was asked what he was going to do when he turned 35 – was he going to change?

Tyler wasn’t too sure. “Last year, I could not have imagined THIS year!”

Tyler Oakley's billboard.

Tyler Oakley admires the view. (Photo: Instagram)

However, he revealed that if he was married with children, and became a diaper-changing family vlogger – he’d do it!

“In ten years, will vlogging even be a thing people do? I can’t predict!”

“I want to be doing it as long as I love it!”

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