Meredith UNFOLLOWS Kian After He Touches Another Girl

Did Kian Lawley & girlfriend Meredith Mickelson break up? (Photo: Instagram)

Have on-and-off-again couple Kian Lawley and Meredith Mickelson finally broken up for good?

The hot-and-cold couple have finally unfollowed each other.

Flashback: Kian started dating Meredith after she dated this Dolan twin. Kian’s ex Andrea was NOT a fan, and raged at her due to a misunderstanding.

Meredith Mickelson bra.
Meredith Mickelson shows off her sexy Coachella outfit in bed. (Photo: Instagram)

Meredith Sees a Video of Kian Lawley Grabbing Stella Hudgens, Unfollows Him

Kian Lawley was out having a good time, and featured prominently on Heath’s Snapchat. You can see Kian’s outfit in the screencap below.

Kian Lawley seen in a different angle on Heath’s Snapchat. (Photo: Snapchat)

Kian was also spotted touching Stella Hudgens’ arm as a cigarette was extinguished on her tongue. Looks like they had a lot of fun.

Kian grabs Stella.
Kian Lawley grabbing Stella on Snapchat.

Although nobody actually knows exactly what Kian’s history with Stella is, they’ve been photographed together a lot.

Kian and Stella.
An old photo of Kian Lawley with Stella Hudgens. (Photo: Instagram)

Meredith was then tagged on an Instagram video by a fan account, and liked the post. Shortly after, she unfollowed Kian.

Kian’s Friend Joseph Shades Her & Reveals Why He Doesn’t Like Meredith

Kian’s good friend Joseph Hernandez was informed that Kian was unfollowed by Meredith.

He didn’t seem too surprised, and mocked her. “Oh, I guess she is onto the next social star!” Remember when she dated a Dolan?

He also leaked some secret old DMs he had with Meredith. Apparently, back in 2015, she contacted him and asked for a photoshoot. He initially agreed, then stopped replying to her constant messages.

Her last message was of her begging for a photoshoot after she realized that his non-responsiveness might have been because of Kian.

Meredith Posts Photo with Matthew Noszka at Coachella, Deletes It

Meredith quickly posted an Instagram pic with a shirtless model at Coachella. Was it to make Kian jealous?

Her comments were a complete mess, so she disabled them.

Meredith Mickelson's boyfriend.
Kian who? Meredith Mickelson gets close to a shirtless Matthew Noszka. (Photo: Instagram)

She later DELETED the photo altogether when she realized it was more trouble than it was worth.

Kian Finally Unfollows Meredith as Well!

After a while, Kian finally returned the favor and gave her an unfollow as well.

Kian Lawley shirtless.
Kian Lawley enjoys a shirtless tan under the sun. (Photo: Instagram)

Will they get back together again? Was this a temporary tiff? Stay tuned.

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