Team 10’s Kade Speiser Exposed by Hacker as Steamy DMs Leak

Team 10 star Kade Speiser was slammed for smoking weed. (Photo: Instagram)

Team 10 star Kade Speiser was the latest victim in a string of Team 10 hackings, which also included poor Chance Sutton and his ex-girlfriend Tessa Brooks.

This particular hacking also happened directly before Instagram announced that a bug might have helped cause the recent celebrity hackings.

Fans were told that the Team 10 house had a variety of strict rules. One of them was supposedly to “not smoke”.

However, judging by the results of Kade’s hacking, fans are wondering now if the entire house does this all the time. Surely there’s no way he’d be kicked out if it was a common occurrence.

Kade Speiser shirtless.
Kade Speiser shows off his body next to a fantastic lakeside view. (Photo: Instagram)

Kade’s Hacked Snapchat Reveals Endless Marijuana-Smoking

Fans were apparently very stunned to learn that Kade was an avid lover of weed. Absolutely shell-shocked.

Dobre Twins shirtless with Kade Speiser.
Kade Speiser plays in the water shirtless with the Dobre Twins. (Photo: Instagram)

By the way, cannabis is completely legal for recreational use in California for people aged over 21. Kade is 22, so we’re not quite sure what the fan outrage was about anyway.

Team 10 smokers.
Aren’t Team 10 members banned from doing this?

The resident Team 10 videographer and photographer definitely enjoyed taping himself enjoying the fruits of his labor. I mean, look at that backflip!

Kade's Stoner Olympics.
Talented stoner Kade does a tricky backflip to prove his skills.

He seemed to smoke all day, every day.

Kade's of Team 10's pot.
Kade’s late night smoke is more artistic in black-and-white.

Kade puffed on a wide variety of objects in new and interesting locations. Like this person’s car, for example.

Kade Speiser smokes in car.
Kade appears to be puffing in someone’s car.

Look how happy he looks! Aww.

Kade's marijuana scandal.
Puff, puff. Kade blows out smoke with a glint in his eye.

Kade Speiser’s Steamy Messages to Hot Girls Leak

Kade, like Chance before him, received the “DM leak” treatment. Luckily, there were no **** pic leaks. However, like most straight guys on YouTube, he was super into DMing hot Insta-models.

This particular stream of messages was to sexy blonde model Mackenzie Altig.

Kade Speiser hacked messages.
Kade wasn’t safe from the dreaded DM leaks, either.

Kade wanted to “aid her decision-making process”, and she replied with a very seductive photograph.

If this isn’t romance, we don’t know what is.

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