13 Amazing Things Nash Grier Did after He Disappeared

Nash Grier has been found. (Photo: Instagram)

For almost two entire weeks, Nash Grier went without his phone and social media accounts – but now he’s back!

We compiled a list of some of the shocking and amazing things accomplished by the elusive long-haired Grier during this dark period.

He finally made a triumphant return to Snapchat and Twitter, saying, “So, so pumped, my flight leaves tomorrow to go to Paris, and I’m staying for like a whole week. I’m about to have so much fun. I’m so excited – let’s go!”


1. He Backflipped off a Yacht Near Venice Beach

Nash made a splash.


He had a sexy boat session with his good friends Carter Reynolds, Wesley Stromberg, Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Skate, Dillon Rupp, Jake Miller and more!


2. He Read Books

Nash Grier was forced to read books, and posted a YouTube video as a plea for help (Update: Deleted).

Nash Grier
A screencap from Nash’s deleted video. (Photo: YouTube)

“I don’t have a phone right now. It’s been kind of brutal honestly. It has definitely changed me as a human.”

He shocked fans with an admission. “In here, books! I picked up a book. It’s crazy.”

3. He Hung off the Side of a Car

Nash brushed his voluminous hair aside as he went on a bumpy car-surfing ride.

“You’re an awful driver!” Nash said on Jack Johnson’s Snapchat.


4. He Sat on a Chair

Nash sat on a chair.


Our researchers say it was wooden chair.

5. He Failed at Various Bicycle Tricks

Jack Johnson filmed Nash attempting various bike tricks. Here’s one fail.


Here is another. Don’t worry, he’s still alive.


6. He Did Not Fail at Various Bicycle Tricks

It wasn’t all bad news.


Look at Nash go.


7. He Celebrated Jordyn Woods’ Birthday at Kylie Jenner’s Place, Was Not Kicked out This Time

Nash was spotted partying at his friend Jordyn’s birthday.

This time around, he wasn’t kicked out from a Kylie Jenner party like he was before.

Jordyn Woods gets a new Benz from Kylie Jenner.
Jordyn Woods gets a new Benz from Kylie Jenner. (Photo: Snapchat)

8. He Imitated a Fish

“You’re a happy fish!” Jack Johnson said to Nash. “Look who’s a happy fish.”


There he is.

Nash is swimming.
Nash is swimming. (Photo: Instagram)

9. He Got His Phone Replaced

Nash walked into a phone center with Tez, presumably to arrange for a replacement to be sent.


10. He Demonstrated His Dancing Skills at a Fire Pit With Sammy Wilk

Nash demonstrated his impressive moves around a fire.


Nash also flipped the bird and got shady when Sammy said, “You just think you’re way cooler than all of us, don’t you!”


“You’re a huge b****!” Sammy joked.

Then Nash made the following face.


11. He Was Discovered in the Wild by Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson made a startling discovery.

“I have found the hidden man in the wild,” Jack Johnson said. “He’s been off the map for four days. Looking a little disheveled.”


“I lost my phone. No, I broke my phone. My new one is coming tomorrow,” Nash said.

“Yeah, excuses, excuses!” Jack said.


12. He Spruced up His Wardrobe

Nash also went clothes-shopping with Jack.


“Life is but a dream!” Jack said.

13. He Supported a Crying Hayes Grier on Dancing with the Stars

Nash supported his super emotional brother Hayes on DWTS. So cute!

Nash supporting Hayes on Dancing with the Stars.
Nash supporting Hayes on Dancing with the Stars. (Photo: YouTube)

And there you have it – now you’re mostly caught up!

As of writing, globetrotter Nash is off to Paris Fashion Week. For an entire week. We’ll be back with more breaking updates.

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