Shane Dawson Rages at Tumblr & THIS YouTuber

Shane Dawson is still not over it. (Photo: YouTube)

Hardly a month ever goes by without Shane Dawson wishing death on “social justice warriors” or complaining about “political correctness” somewhere.

His interview with friend Alison Rosen was no exception.

Shane, who has had a tumultuous year filled with feuds, scandals, a breakup and a coming-out, is finding it hard to move past all the drama.

Shane Dawson poses in white.
Shane Dawson poses in white. (Photo: Instagram)

Shane Dawson Rages at Tumblr: “They Want to Ruin Everybody’s Life!”

Shane talked about how much he despised people on Tumblr. “I had a REALLY tough year. Couple of years. With just, the tides turning, and people thinking I am racist, or sexist, or offensive, or whatever.”

“People are dissecting every joke I have ever made over the last eight years. There’s a lot of people who think I am a piece of s***, and trash!”

Shane Dawson is Internet Famous.
Shane Dawson has a new look for his new movie. (Photo: Instagram)

“It all started when my movie was about to come out. And I was getting some good press, and the people on the internet that don’t like me, were like, let’s ruin this good press!”

“So they took all the snippets from all my videos. And every offensive thing I have ever done. They did a compilation, and all these Tumblr posts.”

“Tumblr is the hell of the internet. They hate EVERYBODY. They want to ruin everybody’s life.”

Shane Dawson's movie.
Shane Dawson on set. (Photo: Instagram)

“So they made all these Tumblr posts with like screencaps from me. There was a blackface controversy, there was a homophobic controversy. There was a rape joke controversy. All this B*******!”

Shane Dawson Unloads at a Particular Female YouTuber: “She’s Definitely a B****!”

“Was it an organized attack against you?” Shane was asked.

Shane confirmed that it was. “One hundred percent. There was a girl on YouTube. Her WHOLE career on YouTube is about talking… what’s the word for it? She’s definitely a b****. But she just ATTACKS everybody. And that is how she gets views. And how she gets notoriety.”

Shane, Trisha and Drew.
Shane, Trisha and Drew. (Photo: Instagram)

“Anybody that does anything problematic. That’s the word! Problematic. She will ATTACK them instantly. So me, she got SO excited. Because I’m Shane Dawson! She would get some views out of it. She just went in. So many tweets. Videos. Like, all her friends. ”

Although Shane did not mention a name, he’s likely talking about Franchesca Ramsey, who heavily criticized Shane multiple times for various things, like racism and rape jokes.

Here’s the Shane Dawson tag on her Tumblr. They had multiple massive, heavily-publicized, and Twitter-trending falling-outs. Shane previously called her a “c***” and a “w****” in other venues.

“The whole YouTube community who has always secretly wanted me to fail… all of them. They all joined in. It was trending on Twitter. Like ‘Shane Dawson racist’. It was bad!”

“I made a couple of apology videos. And I really meant what I said. Listen, I’m just going to make a video and apologize for what I didn’t know was wrong at the time. I mean, six years ago. When I was putting on bronzer to look like Wendy Williams. I didn’t know it was a thing.”

“Are you kidding me? There is a difference between a rape joke and a rapist.”

Shane Dawson Asks Why Scream Queens Is Not Getting Backlash

Shane was not happy that the low-rated show Scream Queens was not receiving backlash for being “offensive”.

Scream Queens.
Scream Queens. (Photo: Twitter)

“I got so upset, because I watched Scream Queens. It was the most offensive thing. I could not even watch it. Because EVERY single line was offensive! For me to say, that is crazy!”

“I was like, how come nobody is talking about THIS? But me, some YouTube guy. I’m literally the scum of the earth? It’s stupid.”

Shane Dawson.
Shane Dawson. (Photo: Instagram)

“My movie came out, and the New York Times said you’ll only enjoy this movie if you’re racist, a rapist or a pedophile. That was hard to see. It was just a hard year or two.”

“Now I am feeling a little more fuck it!”

Shane Dawson and Drew Monson.
Shane Dawson and Drew Monson. (Photo: Instagram)

“Did it negatively impact my career? No! It actually has been doing good. And my YouTube channel has been doing well. And my book did better than the movie.”

“Hopefully they start to get attacked. Leave me alone!”

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