Is Kian Lawley Dating Meredith Mickelson – Ethan Dolan’s Ex-Girlfriend?!

Is Kian Lawley dating Ethan Dolan's ex-girlfriend Meredith Mickelson? (Photo: Instagram)

Would you date your friend’s ex? It looks like Kian Lawley’s answer to that question is “absolutely”!

Update: Kian and Meredith are heating up and kissing.

Ethan Dolan and Meredith Mickelson were reportedly dating in secret for months before they split.

However, it looks like Meredith is rebounding with a brand new man – Ethan’s friend Kian Lawley.

Ethan Dolan shirtless.

Meredith “secretly” dated her ex Ethan Dolan. (Photo: Instagram)

Over the summer, Kian Lawley had tons of fun with girls across America.

Meredith & Kian Are Spotted Holding Hands on a Cute Date

Kian and Meredith were seen strolling and holding hands on a Universal Studios date. A fan filmed them walking. Does this remind anyone of Lia Marie Johnson and JC Caylen?

Meredith Mickelson and Kian Lawley.

Holding Hands: Kian Lawley and Meredith Mickelson go on a romantic stroll. (Photo: Instagram)

Kian was wearing a dark blue jersey, and happily stopped to take photos with fans (bottom-left photo in the image above). Meredith was wearing a light blue denim top.

Meredith and Kian's clothes.

Sharing Clothes: Meredith wears a top from her rumored “boyfriend” Kian. (Photo: Instagram)

Fans found out that Meredith was already sharing clothes with Kian (or they might just own the same “Los Angeles” denim top).

Meredith Mickelson in bikini.

Meredith Mickelson strikes her best model poses. (Photo: Instagram)

Did Kian Lawley & Meredith Mickelson Confirm Their Romance?

Kian and Meredith don’t seem to be trying to keep anything a secret. A week ago, they both posted cute photos of each other. Kian posted this one and captioned, “Sloppy kisses!” Meredith complimented herself in a comment on the photo. “I look amazing.”

Meredith and Kian.

Dog Attack: Meredith gets licked as Kian Lawley laughs. (Photo: Instagram)

Meredith posted this photo, and called Kian her “little monkey”. Kian replied to the photo with a heart emoji.

Kian and Meredith.

In Love: Kian and Meredith share a big laugh. (Photo: Instagram)

We can’t wait to see what happens next!

Kian Lawley shirtless.

Kian Lawley shows off his tattoos. (Photo: Instagram)

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