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Carter Reynolds Demands an Apology from Maggie: “I Deserve Respect”

Carter Reynolds wants to win back Maggie Lindemann. (Photo: Instagram)

“I wish she would apologize for the things you guys don’t know about,” Carter Reynolds said in his latest two-hour YouNow stream. “I wish she would come out and come clean.”

Update: Situation escalated due to Maggie’s police threat, Maggie’s hospitalization & Carter’s suicidal thoughts.

Carter appeared to be upset about Maggie blocking him on social media, her yelling at him in a car, her opting to not defend him, and her quick rebound following their breakup and scandal. “I wish Maggie would show me respect and care about my feelings.”

When fans asked him if he was high or drunk during the stream, he replied, “I’m not high. I’m not drunk.” He also re-confirmed that he cheated on Maggie. “Oh yeah, I cheated on her. Yeah.”

For Some Reason, Carter Wants Maggie to Apologize: “I Wish She Would Come out & Come Clean”

“A lot of people hate on me now. They think I’m the only bad person in this entire relationship.”

Carter Reynolds on YouNow.

Carter Reynolds rants on YouNow. (Photo: YouNow)

Carter was disappointed when Maggie did not quickly defend him during the scandal. “I didn’t rape her. She knows that herself. I wish she would come out and come clean. I wish she would apologize for the things you guys don’t know about.”

He claimed that Maggie was nonplussed by the scandal. “The fact that she’s trying to be all innocent now or something…it didn’t affect her that much. I know it didn’t.”

“If it really did affect Maggie THAT much, she would have said something right after that incident happened. You agree with me?” he asked fans.

Maggie and Carter kissing.

Maggie and Carter used to be in love. (Photo: Twitter)

“You guys don’t understand what goes on behind social media between Maggie and I. You guys would be shocked if I told you those things.”

“I DESERVE some respect. That’s all I ask from her. Some respect. So far I don’t feel respected at all. It’s kinda rude.”

“She has never really apologized about anything. It’s f***** up. I’ve always been the one apologizing.”

Carter Reveals Maggie Blanked Him Yesterday: “I Feel so Disrespected”

Carter appeared to be upset by a recent run-in with ex Maggie. “I offered to give her a ride home at the end of the night. Right away she says no. And she changes her mind. That’s weird.”

“I want to be on good terms with her, and not have her pretend I never existed.”

Carter and Maggie pose together.

Carter and Maggie pose together. (Photo: Instagram)

“I wanted to talk about certain things with her that I wasn’t able to talk about for the past four or five days. Because she has me blocked on everything.”

“She just yelled at me. I don’t know if she was in a bad mood.”

“I just want to feel respected and don’t think she respects me at all. That kind of hurts. Like, s***.”

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“I talk to her very nicely. No matter what, she yells at me. I feel so disrespected.”

Carter Is Still in Love With Maggie, Shows Fans Old Romantic Videos

Despite Maggie wanting nothing to do with him, Carter is still holding out hope for a reconciliation. “Do I still have feelings for Maggie? Yes. Obviously I do still have feelings for Maggie.”

“I feel like we’ve been through so much. I’ve never loved a girl ever so much in my entire life. I have never poured my heart out to anyone.”

“I think about it every day. From the moment I wake up and when I go to bed, I think about Maggie.”

“I can tell she’s trying to move on. That part’s really hard.”

“Hopefully one day Maggie will talk to me again. Hopefully last night wasn’t the last night I’ll see her.”

“Maggie, everything about her is beautiful. She acted like a little kid, and that’s what I loved most about her.”

“I wish she didn’t move on so d*** quick.”

Carter Is Angry at Being Labelled a Predator: “Suck My A******!”

Carter was still reeling from being branded a sexual predator during his scandal. “I’m not a rapist. I could give two s**** of you guys saying that I am.”

“Let’s be honest, if it wasn’t me who did it, it wouldn’t be that big of a deal. You know that’s the truth.”

Carter Reynolds carrying Maggie Lindemann.

Carter carries Maggie. (Photo: Twitter)

“All these people making assumptions saying I’m a rapist, that I forced her into doing something she didn’t want to do.”

“Watching that video, you can’t make the assumption. I did not touch her once.”

“Whoever thinks I’m a rapist, something is UP with you guys.”

“Suck my a******!”

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