Taylor Caniff Attacks Madison Beer Again, Compares Her to Trash

Taylor Caniff decided to trash Madison Beer again. (Photo: Instagram)

Taylor Caniff recently reignited his longstanding feud with rival Madison Beer on Instagram.

Update: Taylor apologized on Instagram and Twitter.

If you don’t remember how their feud started, here’s a summary.

In September, Madison Beer called Taylor an “attention seeker” in response to one of his tweets. Taylor Caniff then accused her of homie-hopping with his Magcon friends.

Madison Beer then threw some shade at Taylor by tweeting, “Who’s Taylor Caniff?” Jack Gilinsky then decided to unfollow Taylor. Taylor Caniff then took things one step further, and called Madison a “w****”.

Madison Beer in bed.

Madison Beer lies down. (Photo: Instagram)

Taylor Caniff Compares Madison Beer to (Literal) Trash on Instagram

For some reason, Taylor Caniff decided to compare Madison to literal trash on Instagram.

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He quietly tagged her on a trash bin in his latest Instagram photo.

Taylor Caniff's Insta.

Taylor Caniff tagged Madison on the trash can. (Photo: Instagram)

After some backlash, he started tagging other people over Madison’s tag – then deleted all the tags altogether.

Madison Beer Fans Are Angry, Call Taylor A “Bully”

Taylor riled up Madison fans. “You disgust me! You’re a bully. Grow the fuck up. Lost a lot of respect for you. This is too much.”


Taylor Fans Cheer Him On

Taylor Caniff’s fans were ecstatic. “I LOVE this boy so d*** much! That is so funny!”

Taylor Caniff shirtless.

Taylor Caniff poses shirtless for fans. (Photo: Instagram)

“Savage. Hahahaha,” fans wrote, over and over.


Taylor Fans Urge Him To Add the Tag Back

After Taylor untagged Madison, fans wanted it back.


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