Ingrid Nilsen Talks Periods & Being Lesbian with Obama

Ingrid Nilsen came face-to-face with Obama.

Ingrid Nilsen got very personal with President Obama in a recent interview.

She joined Destin Sandlin and Adande Thorne at the East Room of the White House, and questioned him on a variety of issues.

Ingrid Nilsen Asks Obama About Terrorism

Ingrid, who lives quite near to San Bernardino, asked Obama about terrorism. She asked him if living with terrorism was going to be “the new normal” for American citizens.

Ingrid Nilsen's interview.
Ingrid designed her blue interview set.

Watch the video to see Obama’s answer.

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Ingrid Nilsen Talks Tampons With Obama

Ingrid also brought up the issue of women’s health. She said that she was recently “shocked” to learn that tampons and pads were taxed as luxuries in a majority of states.

Ingrid said that she did not know a single person who considered a period a “luxury”.

“Michelle would agree with you,” Obama laughed.

Ingrid and Obama.
Ingrid Nilsen talks to President Obama.

“It is something that is part of our everyday lives. It’s crucial to our health as women.” Ingrid continued.

Obama said that he had no idea why states continued to tax the items. “Women in those states, should work to get the taxes removed.”

Ingrid Tells Obama She Recently Came out as Lesbian

Ingrid then talked about the great strides for LGBT Americans in 2015. “It is something VERY personal to me,” she said.

Ingrid then got more personal, and told Obama that she came out in a YouTube video as a lesbian. “There’s still a lot of discrimination happening.”

Ingrid and Obama.
Ingrid Nilsen gets emotional.

Ingrid was so emotional that she stumbled on her words.

Ingrid & Obama Share Their Personal Cancer Stories

Ingrid also mentioned her cancer survivor mother, and praised Obama for wanting to “cure cancer”. “How close are we to finding a cure?”

Obama also shared a story about his mother, who died from uterine cancer.

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