Was Carter Reynolds Just Fired from Aeropostale?

Was Carter Reynolds fired? (Photo: Instagram)

Fans are wondering if Carter Reynolds has been fired from Aeropostale and the UNITED XXVI campaign.

He shares the same management team, 26MGMT, as best friends and Aeropostale frontmen Cameron Dallas, Hayes Grier and Nash Grier. They have a fashion line UNITED XXVI with Aero that they “designed” together.

Carter previously made an advertisement for Aeropostale and Aero Now, and was even at the launch event.

However, he has been removed from all promotional material in the latest stock update – making fans believe he’s been ditched in favor of the more popular Vine stars.

Carter’s Removal from the Campaign Material

Aeropostale posted a behind-the-scenes video of the most recent photoshoot – and it features only Cameron, Nash and Hayes. Carter was clearly not invited.

Nash, Hayes and Cameron also posted versions of this “behind the scenes” footage on their YouTube channels – confirming that Carter was not there.

Aero also recently updated their product page for UNITED XXVI. Here is a screenshot of the updated header image. Previously, Carter’s name was mentioned among the “designers” – however, he is not featured any longer.

Carter's name is missing.

The product stock was also refreshed, along with photos from the brand new photoshoot. Once again, Carter is not present anywhere – despite him being one of the models in the previous iteration.

Nash, Hayes and Cameron only.

Additionally, Cameron, Hayes and Nash have been tweeting relentlessly about the new stock arrivals at Aeropostale – but the only thing Carter appears to be promoting is his own Instagram account.

Was Carter really fired, or did they just opt out of using him for this specific holiday campaign? Comment below.

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