How Did Marcus Butler’s Book ‘Hello Life’ Do in the Charts?

Marcus Butler released his new book. (Photo: Twitter)

Marcus Butler is currently hard at work promoting his book on the #HelloLifeTour – but have his efforts paid off so far?

According to Nielsen BookScan UK and The Bookseller, Marcus Butler moved 6,551 copies of Hello Life! in his debut week.

In comparison, Louise Pentland recently moved 7,379 units of Life with a Sprinkle of Glitter in her debut week. Tanya Burr previously sold 15,117 copies in her first week with Love, Tanya. Alfie Deyes’ The Pointless Book 2 debuted with 11,939 copies sold. Alfie’s original The Pointless Book debuted with 15,330 copies.

Zoella’s record-breaking debut with Girl Online has yet to be overtaken, with a stratospheric 78,109 copies sold in her initial debut week.


Marcus Butler Debuts at #22 on The Official UK Top 50

Marcus Butler debuted at #22 on The Official UK Top 50, according to The Bookseller.

Marcus’ new book with writer Matt Allen is a mix of autobiographical elements combined with self-help.


He debuted at #1 on the low-competition Hardback Non-Fiction chart.

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